How to Choose an Electric Bike: An eBike Buying Guide

Flyer L885 black electric bike in the park

The Flyer™ line is an extension of the Radio Flyer® brand created with the same beautiful design and quality that has inspired our work for over a century. Our selection of eBikes delivers the technology and hauling capabilities to get you, your crew, and your cargo where you need to go safely and efficiently. Our eBike line currently includes five models: the Flyer™ M880, Flyer™ L885, Flyer™ Folding Cargo, Flyer Cruiser™ and Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru.

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eBikes 101: Flyer™ eBike Safety

Flyer™ eBikes are the best electric bikes for families on the go. For the last 100 years, we’ve helped families transport kids & cargo safely while spreading smiles. That’s why our electric bikes are tested to multiple regulatory safety standards and rigorous internal reliability standards.

In honor of Toy Safety Month this November, we’re taking a deep dive into the designs and processes our Product Development Team have implemented for an uncompromising commitment to safety.

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Introduction to Flyer™ Cruiser and Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru

Introducing a classic ride for comfortable cruising. Meet the newest eBike to join the Flyer™ line of modern mobility: Flyer™ Cruiser and Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru. Whether you’re cruising to the beach or pretending the wind on your commute is a salty beachy breeze, keep reading to learn about this classic ride for families on the go. 

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Using Your eBike in Autumn: Make Fall Rides Even Better

woman stands with electric bike in park

This summer, we created warm memories through family bike rides to the park, hauling beach gear with ease, and soaking up sunshine by trading our car keys for bike locks.

But as kids go back to school, the weather cools off, and fall-inspired drinks are tucked in our cupholders, we can confidently say that we’re ready to fly into fall.

With the season change usually comes a change in family routines: maybe your little ones are back to school or you’re finding new ways to get outside with the cooler weather.

Here at Radio Flyer we believe that biking season doesn’t have to end with the summer. To get your family out and moving this fall, here are 5 ways to use your eBike in autumn.

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Benefit of eBikes for Bike Riders with Knee Pain

From aches and chronic pain to injuries and surgery recovery, knee pain is extremely common. According to the National Library of Medicine, 1 in 4 adults are affected by frequent knee pain. Biking is a low-impact mode of mobility and exercise that is great for those with knee pain. Keep reading to learn about the health benefits of Flyer™ eBikes for those recovering from knee pain.

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5 Ways to Use Your Electric Bike This Summer

mother on electric bike with child in kid bike seat

The sun is shining and it’s finally biking season! We can’t wait to plan this season’s adventures. Electric bikes can often replace a car for short trips and errands. If you’re debating if an eBike is right for you, keep reading to learn more ways that a Flyer™ eBike can help shorten routines, make parenting easier, and even save money at the gas station.

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What is the Difference Between an Electric Bike vs Regular Bike

Outside of an electric bike being, well, electric, we’re diving into the key differences between electric bikes and acoustic bikes. An acoustic bike (or what we may all consider to be a “regular” bike) is a bike with no motor, similar to how we would compare electric and acoustic guitars. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between electric bikes vs regular bikes. 

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