A photo of Ali Randazzo

Ali Randazzo

Communications Coordinator

Ali started as a Communications Intern on the marketing team in 2020. She joined the team full-time as the Communications Coordinator after graduating from the University of Missouri in May 2021. Ali loves working for a brand with such rich history and being a part of a passionate and dedicated team of Flyers. In her free time, you can find Ali cooking, exploring new restaurants, and being active outdoors with friends. 


Favorite family activity:

Holidays are really important to my family. All of my cousins come home and we celebrate with a huge homemade meal of Lebanese and Italian food to honor our heritage. I wish everyone could taste my grandma’s stuffed grape leaves!


Favorite outdoor game as a kid: 

Every snow day, my older sister and I would take turns pulling each other on our sled down the sidewalk to our local park. However, I think she pulled me way more than I ever pulled her. I used the “little sister card” to my advantage.


What makes you smile?

Evening walks on the lakefront path with the skyline in the distance. High fives at the end of a group fitness class. FaceTiming my family and getting to see my dogs on camera. A long chat with a friend. Any of those activities leave a smile on my face all day!


Favorite Radio Flyer product and why:

Our Flyer™ line! I am so proud to work for a timeless brand that continues to innovate. The content creation opportunities are limitless - not to mention the products are loads of fun to ride!

Using Your eBike in Autumn: Make Fall Rides Even Better

woman stands with electric bike in park

This summer, we created warm memories through family bike rides to the park, hauling beach gear with ease, and soaking up sunshine by trading our car keys for bike locks.

But as kids go back to school, the weather cools off, and fall-inspired drinks are tucked in our cupholders, we can confidently say that we’re ready to fly into fall.

With the season change usually comes a change in family routines: maybe your little ones are back to school or you’re finding new ways to get outside with the cooler weather.

Here at Radio Flyer we believe that biking season doesn’t have to end with the summer. To get your family out and moving this fall, here are 5 ways to use your eBike in autumn.

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5 Ways to Use Your Electric Bike This Summer

mother on electric bike with child in kid bike seat

The sun is shining and it’s finally biking season! We can’t wait to plan this season’s adventures. Electric bikes can often replace a car for short trips and errands. If you’re debating if an eBike is right for you, keep reading to learn more ways that a Flyer™ eBike can help shorten routines, make parenting easier, and even save money at the gas station.

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How Fast Can an eScooter Go?

533 two adults riding electric scooter

Electric scooters have taken the streets by storm in the last few years. Not only are they a sustainable form of transportation, but they’re convenient and quick. Electric scooters, or eScooters, are a trailblazing mode of micro-mobility. 

But before you sub your car or bus pass for an eScooter, you might be wondering how fast do electric scooters go? Read on to learn more about our electric scooter, the Flyer™ S533.

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How Fast Can an eBike Go?

mom and daughter on electric bike

If you’re new to the world of electric bikes, you might be wondering how fast an electric bike can go. In general, electric bikes are faster than pedal-only bikes and regulations vary from location to location.

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4 Reasons Why an eBike is a Great Christmas Gift

dad riding electric bike

This holiday season, give the gift of a Flyer™ eBike. Our cargo electric bikes are a sustainable way to turn every ride into an adventure while providing ultimate kid & cargo hauling. Whether you opt for the Flyer™ M880, a perfect everyday eBike for first time electric bike owners, or the Flyer™ L885, the best eBike for families, it’s a gift that will have the whole family feeling merry! Read on to learn more about 4 reasons why an eBike is a great Christmas gift.

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eBikes 101: Best Accessories for Kids

mom looking at two children on the Kid & Cargo Carrier

As electric bikes gain popularity in the micromobility industry, more and more families are using them as a daily solution for transporting kids & cargo. Our team has been helping families roll for over 100 years, so when designing our line of electric bikes, it was crucial to keep families top of mind. The result? Two eBike accessories that make parenting easier. Learn more about our custom-designed Kid & Cargo Carrier and the Thule® Yepp Maxi Seat.

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eBikes 101: Best Storage Accessories

Flyer white eBike on Chicago lake front trail

Electric bikes are great for getting from A to B quickly while hauling cargo with ease. Our Flyer™ eBikes have a variety of storage accessories perfect for all your needs, including grocery runs, after-school pickups, long weekend bike rides, and more. But which storage accessory is right for you? Read on to learn more about our 6 best electric bike storage accessories.

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5 Ways to Use an Electric Scooter

Girl Riding eScooter

Reimagine your daily travel with the Flyer™ S533. With the freedom to pick up and ride on your schedule, the Flyer™ S533 foldable electric scooter is a convenient and sustainable micromobility solution. Whether it’s for a leg in your daily commute, a trip to your local coffee shop, meeting with friends, or for the joy of riding, this adult electric scooter can comfortably take you wherever you need to go. Read on to learn our 5 favorite ways to use your electric scooter.

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