A photo of Matt  Young

Matt Young

Advanced Concepts Director

Tesla Model S for Kids is my favorite Radio Flyer project.  I was very involved in the development and it’s just so much fun to drive!Matt joined Radio Flyer in 2009 as a product development engineer.  In his role as Advanced Concepts Director, he spends his days developing exciting new product concepts and technologies to build Radio Flyer’s product portfolio.  Matt graduated with his BS is Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and his Master’s degree from the University of Michigan and enjoys taking in a Big Ten football or basketball game whenever he can.  Outside of work, Matt is a “weekend warrior” working on DIY projects around the house and making fun things for his kids to enjoy!


Favorite family activity:

We love playing at the playground and going for walks around our neighborhood after dinner. 


Favorite outdoor game as a kid: 

During the day, I loved playing Wiffleball.  At night, it was all about Flashlight Tag.


What makes you smile?

My kids either say or do something unexpectedly hilarious almost daily.  That never fails to put a smile on my face.   


Favorite Radio Flyer product and why:

Tesla Model S for Kids is my favorite Radio Flyer project.  I was very involved in the development and it’s just so much fun to drive!

Why Having a UL 2271 Tested Battery is Important for Your eBike

At Radio Flyer, safety is at the forefront of our product design and engineering decisions, including for our Flyer™ electric bikes. That’s why in addition to all of the integrated safety features on our eBikes, we test our Flight Speed™ Lithium Ion battery pack to the UL 2271 Standard for Batteries used in Light Electric Vehicles. What is UL and why is it important to have a UL 2271 tested battery? Read on to learn more through a Q&A with Radio Flyer’s Director of Engineering and Quality, Tim Stevens.

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The Innovative Design Evolution of Flyer™ eBikes

Sketches of two red electric bikes

From red wagons to electric bikes, our team has been reinventing the wheel for over 100 years building a legacy of high quality, timeless and innovative products. How did we go from The Original Little Red Wagon® to our beautifully crafted electric bikes for adults? By creating our eBikes with the same beautiful design and quality that has inspired our work since 1917.

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eBike Components: The Anatomy & Parts of an Electric Bike

Flyer L885 red electric cargo bike

What do baking and engineering have in common? They both involve combining several components (or ingredients) to make something greater than the individual parts on their own – in this case an electric bike (or a delicious slice of cake!). From motors and tires to batteries and bells, each piece plays an important role in the composition of our electric bike models so you can turn every ride into an adventure. Read on to learn more about the 12 key components in our Flyer™ eBike designs.

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How to Ride an Electric Scooter

Two adults riding Flyer S533 electric scooters in the city

Electric scooters deliver a fun, convenient, sustainable, and relatively low-cost solution to micromobility for urban adults. Want to learn more about electric scooters? Read on below to learn more about eScooters, how to ride them, and the newest model to hit the market, the Flyer™ S533.

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How to Ride an Electric Bike

Flyer M880 black eBike

After learning more about what an eBike is and how it differs from a conventional bike, you may be wondering how exactly an eBike works. What different modes of riding does an eBike offer? What mode is best for your commute, weekend ride, or quick grocery run? Flyer™ eBikes offer three riding modes that vary in motor output. Read on to learn more how eBikes work and three ways to ride your electric bike.

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eBikes 101: What is an Electric Bike?

Father and son riding electric bike in the park

Powerful, fast, easy to use, and so much fun – it’s no wonder electric bikes are the hottest two-wheel trend to hit the streets. Urban riders and on-the-go families around the US are trading in their car keys for bike helmets as eBikes are proving to be the ultimate micro-mobility solution. New to electric bikes? Read on to learn more about electric bikes and how they differ from conventional bicycles.

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