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Oluseun Olufade

Expert Blog Contributor & Sports Medicine Physician

I am a Sports medicine physician in Atlanta, GA. I grew up in New Jersey where I received my undergraduate degree at Rutgers University and medical school at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. I did my post-graduate training at Temple University Hospital and Crozer Keystone Healthcare System in Pennsylvania before moving to AtIanta, GA.

As a sports medicine physician, I care for the needs of athletes of all ages including adolescents, middle aged and master athletes. I enjoy getting people to do what they enjoy doing ranging wide range of sports including football, soccer, martial arts, tennis, weight lifting and yoga. I believe in the treatment of the whole body as a whole as they are all connected to each other. I derive joy from getting my patients better. I also enjoy community service projects as a way of giving back to mentors, organizations and communities that help me get where I am today.  In my spare time, I enjoy family time, working out and spending time outdoors.


Favorite family activity:

My favorite family activity is playing games with my kids at the beach. I also enjoy doing outdoor activities with my kids.


Favorite outdoor game as a kid: 

My favorite outdoor game as a kid was playing soccer around the neighborhood.


What makes you smile?

Watching my kids doing something nice for others, especially when they don’t know I am watching, makes me smile.


Favorite Radio Flyer product and why:

I like the Flyer M880. I love the sleek design and how it rides.



The views in my articles are my own and are for informational and educational purposes only and not medical advice.

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