How to Choose an Electric Bike: An eBike Buying Guide

Flyer L885 black electric bike in the park

The Flyer™ line is an extension of the Radio Flyer® brand created with the same beautiful design and quality that has inspired our work for over a century. Our selection of eBikes delivers the technology and hauling capabilities to get you, your crew, and your cargo where you need to go safely and efficiently. Our eBike line currently includes two models: the Flyer™ M880 and the Flyer™ L885 . Which one is right for you? Read on to learn more about our eBike models to choose which electric bike is best for you.


Flyer™ eBikes Comparison Buying Guide

The Flyer™ M880 is a midtail cargo electric bike designed for every day and everyone, while our Flyer™ L885 longtail cargo electric bike has ultimate kid and cargo hauling capabilities for families. Both are modern micromobility solutions that infuse fun and function, but the two models differ on a few product specs that make them unique. Key differences and features can be summarized below:


 Flyer™ M880

 Flyer™ L885





 Midtail Cargo

 Longtail Cargo

 Maximum Speed

 20 MPH

 20 MPH

 Payload Capacity

 300 lbs.

 400 lbs.

 Rear Rack Capacity

 80 lbs.

 150 lbs.

 Wheel Size

 Front: 26”  Back: 26”

 Front: 26”  Back: 20”

 Bike Weight

 67 lbs.

 73 lbs.

 Total Bike Length






 Recommended Rider   Height Range

 5’2” - 6’3”

 5’1” - 6’2”

 Optional Spare Battery



 Room for   Additional Passengers

 Up to 1 additional     passenger

 Up to 2 additional     passengers


Both models feature our 48V Flight Speed™ Lithium-Ion battery, 500W brushless hub motor, LCD display, 5 pedal-assist levels with cadence sensor, and a half twist throttle for on demand motor power. You can customize the Flyer™ M880 or the Flyer™ L885 by selecting your bike color and accessories in one simple process.

Still need help deciding? Here’s a few reasons why either model might be a better fit for you.


The Flyer™ M880 may be right for you if…

  1. You need a more compact option for storage purposes.

    The total bike length of the M880 is about 10 inches less than the L885 for tight squeezes in garages or apartments.

  2. You are interested in the look of a traditional bike.

    While both models have a similar design and aesthetic to that of a conventional bike, the M880 more closely resembles the appearance of one since its wheels are the same size and the rear rack is relatively compact. The L885 has a smaller back wheel (specifically designed for cargo hauling) and a longer rear rack than the M880.

  3. You are planning to use your eBike mainly for leisure, exercise, or commuting.

    For all ages and experience levels, the Flyer™ M880 is the perfect everyday adult electric bike to rekindle the joy and freedom of your first set of wheels. Whether you’re commuting to work, racking up some miles on your favorite bike path, or going for a joy ride, the Flyer™ L885 turns every outing into an adventure while still combining performance and cargo hauling capabilities.

    The rear rack can haul up to 80 pounds, perfect for a small work bag, purse, personal items, or one of your little ones.




    The Flyer™ L885 may be right for you if…

    1. You need ultimate hauling capabilities.

      The Flyer™ L885 is the ultimate eBike for kid and cargo hauling. Featuring a payload capacity of 400 pounds, this longtail cargo eBike ensures you can haul it all. Ride with up to two additional passengers or haul up to 150 pounds of cargo on the rear rack. The L885 is even ergonomically designed with a smaller 20” rear wheel to create a lower center of gravity for increased stability and enhanced efficiency for an altogether smoother ride with cargo in tow.

    2. You are interested in maximizing your range.

      Both eBike models feature a Flight Speed™ Lithium Ion-Battery with a range of up to 50+ miles per charge, but unlike the Flyer™ M880, the Flyer™ L885 is designed with a port for an additional Extended Range Battery. When you add another battery, you can instantly double your range for longer trips and less time spent waiting for your electric bike to recharge.

    3. You are planning to use your eBike as a minivan replacement.

      It’s time to trade in the car keys for a bike helmet: the Flyer™ L885 delivers a sustainable and convenient way for your family to get out and explore your world. With an optimal combination of speed, durability, and hauling capability, this electric bike allows parents to get where they need to go with ease and style.

      You can fit up to two kids on the rear of the bike with compatible accessories like the Kid & Cargo Carrier or the Thule® Yepp Maxi Seat . Running errands, grabbing groceries, and heading to the little league game with your crew in tow has never been this easy or this much fun.


      Which Flyer™ eBike will you be using for your adventures? If you need additional help finding the right model for you, our award-winning support team is here to help . Fast and friendly help from our representatives is available Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CST. You can also check out our 24/7 online service resources to help answer any frequently asked questions.

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