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Does the scooter require assembly?
Yes, the scooter requires simple assembly. The handle bar needs to be attached to the vertical tube and then fastened with 4 screws. The unboxing and assembly takes less than 5 minutes total.
What is the warranty?

Our award-winning support team comes with over 100 years of experience in keeping families rolling. Your eScooter has a built-in one year warranty, which warrants the following to be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship during the Warranty Period: One Year Warranty Period: rear hub motor, deck or main body, vertical tube, handle bar, charge port, front fork and neck assembly 180 Day Warranty Period: dash PCBA, motor controller, battery pack, throttle and brake, headlight, taillight, battery charger, stomp brake 90 Day Warranty Period: front air tire, rear tire tread, reflective stickers, kickstand You can find the full warranty policy here.

What are the legal regulations for using an electric scooter?
Comply with local laws and regulations when riding this product. Do not ride where prohibited. You should research the rules and regulations for riding an eScooter in your specific area to learn more.
What features are included on the Bluetooth APP? Do I need to be connected to the APP to ride the scooter?
You do not need to be connected to the app in order to ride the scooter. The app allows you to review important data, update firmware, as well as adjust basic controls. The full list of features are below: - Change Speed Setting - Turn on headlight - Lock scooter - See total mileage odometer - Review battery percentage remaining - Update firmware on electronic components - Reference troubleshooting information - Reference safety information
How can I lock my scooter between rides?
We recommend that the rider uses a physical lock to secure their scooter in a public space. Within the Bluetooth app, there is the ability to lock the motor. This will increase rolling resistance; however, it does not prevent someone from picking up and carrying the scooter
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