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Model #903 & #904

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Vehicle Care

Maintenance Instructions

  1. Oil or grease moving parts periodically.
  2. Check nuts and bolts often and tighten if necessary.
  3. Any parts showing evidence of wear should be replaced immediately.
  4. It is the responsibility of the adult who assembles this product to properly install all parts included in the carton. These instructions are valuable.
  5. Check all screws and their protective coverings regularly and tighten as required. Check plastic parts on a regular basis for cracks or broken pieces.
  6. During snowy or rainy weather, the vehicle should be stored inside.
  7. Avoid operating the vehicle in wet or snowy conditions. Do not clean the vehicle by spraying with a hose. Water or moisture in the rear seat compartment can cause the motor and other electrical components to corrode. Corrosion can result in electrical component failure.
  8. Avoid operating the vehicle on sand, loose dirt, or gravel. Debris from this type of terrain can cause the motor and other electrical components to fail.
  9. To clean the vehicle, use a dry cloth. A non-wax furniture polish can be used to clean plastic parts. Do not spray the vehicle with a hose or submerge in water.