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5 Reasons Why eBikes & eScooters Are Great for Commuting

5 Reasons Why eBikes & eScooters Are Great for Commuting

Ali Randazzo |

The commute: arguably the longest part of the workday. Traffic jams, train closures, and the stop and go of bus rides are some of the reasons why we all dread the start and end of the workday. But there is a way to leave all this behind in the slow lane and fly by commuting with an electric bike or electric scooter.

If you’re looking for the best electric scooters and bikes for commuting, meet the Flyer™ line . It’s time to leave your car in the garage and opt for a Flyer™ eBike or eScooter, a convenient, fun, and sustainable way to get to and from the office. Read on to learn 5 reasons to join the Flyer™ Fleet as your commuting solution.


1. Don’t Sweat It

Have the wind at your back on demand with our commuter bikes and say goodbye to the days of arriving at your destination sweaty and exhausted from the exertion of traveling on your conventional bicycle. Less physical effort and faster travel means you can ride with ease.

Feel the breeze on your face as the Flyer™ S533 travels up to 15.5 miles per charge with a top speed of 16 mph, making it a best electric scooter for commuters. With optimal power and traction, conquer hills with ease with a hill grade of up to 15 percent.


2 .Save Money in the Long Run (or Ride)

Gone are the days of paying for parking, insurance bills, car payments, and public transit. According to Electrek , many people use less than a dollar of electricity per month when riding their eBike on operating costs.

Plus, using a Flyer™ eBike in pedal-only mode or pedal-assist mode can help improve cardio fitness while at the same time rekindling the joy & freedom of your first set of wheels. Be healthy and happy with your Flyer™ ride!


3. Sustainable Mobility

Trade in your car keys for an electric ride. Going electric can help to minimize your environmental impact while commuting compared to a gas-powered car for short trips. The included Flight Speed™ Lithium-Ion battery on each Flyer™ eBike is long-lasting and uses state-of-the-art Samsung 50E 21700 Cells, the same as those typically used in electric cars.  Minimize your environmental impact while maximizing your time and fun during the commute.


4. Safety First

Feel safe commuting on a Flyer™ ride whether you’re coming to or from the office at dawn or dusk. The high-intensity LED headlight, integrated taillight with brake light, and reflectors on Flyer™ eBikes allow cars and pedestrians to see you in the bike lane any time of day. Keep your outfit pristine despite the elements with a splash guard fender on our commuter eBikes.

The Flyer™ S533 , a great electric scooter for commuting, has a dual braking system and front headlight to enhance safety and the splash-resistant frame protects your ride from the elements. Light up your ride with the Bell® Daily MIPS LED Adult Helmet .


5. Commuting with Kids and Cargo

Our custom accessories for Flyer™ eBikes allow you to load your ride with briefcases, equipment, and anything else you need to take on your day. After work, take the whole family on an adventure. The Flyer™ M885’s longtail design and Kid & Cargo Carrier allow the family to join the Flyer Fleet. Don’t forget a Radio Flyer® Child Helmet for your little ones while they ride.


Level up a mundane commute with this flat-out fun ride! Shop now.

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