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Benefit of eBikes for Bike Riders with Knee Pain

Benefit of eBikes for Bike Riders with Knee Pain

Oluseun Olufade |

From aches and chronic pain to injuries and surgery recovery, knee pain is extremely common. According to the National Library of Medicine, 1 in 4 adults are affected by frequent knee pain. Biking is a low-impact mode of mobility and exercise that is great for those with knee pain. Keep reading to learn about the health benefits of Flyer™ eBikes for those recovering from knee pain.


How Electric Bikes Can Benefit Someone With Knee Pain

Electric bikes, like Flyer™eBikes, provide the kind of versatility that greatly benefits riders who may experience knee pain. For those recovering from a surgery or injury, eBikes allow you to “upgrade” your workout as you begin to heal. Flyer™ eBikes specifically have three modes: pedal only, pedal assist, and throttle only.

  • Throttle-only is the battery-powered mode that allows you to reach speeds of 20 MPH with no pedaling at all. While this mode gives your legs and knees a rest, it allows you to practice your balance and exercise the muscles that keep you on the bike. This is the perfect starting point for getting out into the fresh air and pushing yourself a little during recovery.
  • Pedal assist has five different levels to help you vary the intensity of your workout. The higher the level, the more pedal-assist you get. Riders can always get a little boost from the twist grip throttle.
  • Pedal only mode rides just like a normal bike for those fully recovered, close to recovery, or riders wanting a bit more exercise should choose this mode.


More generally, pedal assist is an excellent tool for knee rehab or for someone with frequent knee pain. These low impact bikes allow you to pedal as much as you can (or want to) while helping to propel you forward. Electric bikes help strengthen knees and get you out in the fresh air to help improve your health.


Electric Bike Health Benefits

What are the health benefits of cycling on an eBike? Electric bikes have many health benefits beyond strengthening knees. They are good for low-impact cardio and respiratory exercise. eBikes that have multiple modes, like Flyer™ electric bikes, can deliver health benefits for people of all abilities. These non-load-bearing rides are excellent for rehabbing from other leg injuries as well.

According to Oja et al. (2011, p. 508) there is a “significant risk reduction for all-cause and cancer mortality and cardiovascular, cancer, and obesity morbidity in middle-aged and elderly men and women."

As Dutch philosopher Erasmus said in the 1500s, “prevention is better than the cure.” Keep your knees safe by strengthening the muscles in the rest of your leg to better support your knees, wear appropriate shoes, rest your body between workouts, and warm up before your workout.


Why an eBike is Great for Patients Recovering from Knee Surgery

Providers often tout low-impact exercises, like swimming, when it comes to helping heal knee surgeries. Bike riding can be performed cautiously to strengthen the knee. Biking can help with patients recovering from meniscus tears, ACL tears, and knee replacements.


Recovery time depends on a variety of factors including the severity of your injury and your age. Full recovery can take 6-8 weeks for meniscus tears and even longer for other injuries. In most cases, physical therapy is used during recovery. Talk to your physical therapist to see how an electric bike with pedal assist technology can fit into your recovery plan.


Is an electric bike good for someone with knee pain?

No matter what recovery plan your provider sets for you, ensure you do not return to full physical activity until:

  • You can fully bend and straighten your knee without pain.
  • You feel no pain in your knee when you walk, jog, sprint, or jump.
  • Your knee is no longer swollen.
  • Your injured knee is almost as strong as your uninjured knee

Always consult your doctor before completing physical activity when returning from an injury.


If you’re struggling with a knee injury or just looking for a low-impact way to get moving, Flyer™ eBikes provide a safe way to strengthen the knees and respiratory system.


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Oluseun Olufade, MD.

Assistant Professor at Emory University School of Medicine

The views in this article are my own and are for informational and educational purposes only and not medical advice.

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