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eBikes 101: Flyer™ eBike Safety

eBikes 101: Flyer™ eBike Safety

Matt Young |

Flyer™ eBikes are the best electric bikes for families on the go. For the last 100 years, we’ve helped families transport kids & cargo safely while spreading smiles. That’s why our electric bikes are tested to multiple regulatory safety standards and rigorous internal reliability standards.

In honor of Toy Safety Month this November, we’re taking a deep dive into the designs and processes our Product Development Team have implemented for an uncompromising commitment to safety.


Safety Standards

All Flyer™ electric bikes meet the following best-in-class safety and quality standards:

  • UL 2849: the standard for testing eBike electrical systems.

Not only do Flyer™ bikes meet the UL 2849 standard, but all electrical systems undergo extensive life cycle testing. This ensures our motors, controllers, and batteries meet and exceed our extended warranty.

  • UL 2271: the standard for lithium-ion batteries for light electric vehicles.

Our team partnered with battery safety experts to develop lithium ion battery packs. This ensures battery management systems are robust and that battery protections have redundancies in place with multiple levels of protection.

Our batteries also exceed UL 2271 requirements with their IPX6 and IPx7 water ingress protection levels.

  • UL1310: the standard for ensuring safe charging of lithium-ion batteries.
  • ISO4210: all Flyer™ bike frames and forks are designed to this international bicycling safety standard, covering both high impact and long-term fatigue testing


  • Rider Safety: Flyer™ custom kid carrying accessories were designed with safety in mind for all riders and passengers.
  • Visibility: It’s important to see and be seen on the road. All Flyer™ eBikes come with front, rear, and side reflectors. High intensity LED headlights can eb controlled by the rider, while the taillights automatically activate when braking.
  • Brakes: Flyer™ electric bikes brakes automatically cut power to the motor when brakes are engaged. The 180mm disc brakes ensure powerful braking on demand.
  • Kickstand: Our durable double-sided kickstand provides stability for easy on & off and when loading and unloading kids and cargo.
  • Bell: All Flyer™ eBikes have an integrated bell for altering those around you while you ride.

Quality Control

Every Flyer™ eBike passes 50 quality checks on the assembly line and 100% of bikes are ride tested after assembly by our team. All components of Flyer™ eBikes undergo robust quality control and a multi-point inspection process to ensure the highest standard of quality. Packaging meets ISTA 3A standards, which ensures no components or bike parts are damaged during shipping.

If you have questions about Flyer™ eBikes or safety testing, contact our award-winning team or check out our 24/7 resources.

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