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How an eBike Can Help You Reach Your 2023 Goals

How an eBike Can Help You Reach Your 2023 Goals

Ali Randazzo |

As we ease into the New Year, you may be looking for seamless ways to achieve your goals or New Year’s resolutions past January. The (fun) solution? An eBike!

If more fresh air, more movement, or more family adventures were on your 2023 goals, keep reading to learn how the best electric bike for families can help you sustain these positive habits.


Goal #1: More Fresh Air

Between school drop off, extra-curriculars, weekend sport practice, and everything between, we know it can be hard to make time to get outside (by yourself or with the family). Using an electric bike to get from A-to-B is one great way to get in fresh air and sunshine between activities. Studies show electric cargo bikes improve overall wellbeing by allowing users to perform longer, faster trips while doing physical activity (Bourne et al., 2020Jones et al., 2016). 

The Kid & Cargo™ Carrier is perfect for hauling two kids to school or your commuting-essentials. Be sure to toss bags or groceries in a front storage basket for easy visibility. Commuters may choose the Flyer™ Folding Cargo to easily take to and from the office or throw in your trunk for easy transit.

Flyer™ L885 5 Star Review: I bought this bike to get my kiddo to school and back each day. We have a car, but traffic is insane and 3/4 a mile in the morning can take up to 30 mins when normally, the drive is 4 minutes. Then, at school, there’s no parking lot so we have to park a few blocks away and walk in anyways. This bike makes it so we can breeze past the cars and right to her front gate at school. Besides the convenience, she and I really, truly have so much fun on this bike! Every time I ask which way she’d like to go to school or be picked up, she happily yells ‘bike!’” – BakingBiking Momma, California


Goal #2: More Movement

An electric bike is one of our favorite ways to add movement into our daily routines. So, when you’re not in the mood to get super sweaty at a HIIT class and just want to stretch your legs, an eBike is the perfect joy ride. Or if you are in the mood to put in some miles, bump the 5-level pedal assist down to level one so you’re pedaling with a boost from the battery.

A cargo electric bike is a great way to reach your health goals. If you have a standing-time goal on your smartwatch or a standing desk and walking pad, consider adding an eBike into your mix of daily habits to increase movement.

Flyer™ M880 5 Star Review: “I purchased the bike about a month ago and it has given me a path to the outdoors and a freedom that you felt when you first rode a bike or were pulled in a little red Radio Flyer wagon. It has also become a great source of exercise and it has liberated me from my dull at home routine. The features are superb the ride is sweet,” – James, Nevada


Goal #3: More Adventures

When you have a few hours of free time on a Saturday and want to adventure to the local park of museum, but don’t want to mess with parking or the hassle of seatbelts, grab your Flyer™ eBike! Little ones can easily hop into the child seat (with a smile, too!) When you cut down time to transit, there’s more time for fun and smiles with your electric bike.

Replacing a car trip with your eBike may lead to healthier, and greener habits in the long-run, too! Reserach show 62% of users in a study considered giving up cars for cargo-bike ownership (Riggs 2016) leading to a more sustainable future.


Flyer™ L885 5 Star Review: “I take my bike out at least once a day. I have done grocery trips with it and ridden around with my kids (6 and 8). It's solved my issues of not having a form of transportation. I'm lucky that most things I need are within a reasonable biking distance. This is honestly one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's a gorgeous bike, it feels sturdy and well made, and has allowed me the freedom to get out of the house more,” – Kaytea, Colorado

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