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The Innovative Design Evolution of Flyer™ eBikes

The Innovative Design Evolution of Flyer™ eBikes

Matt Young |

From red wagons to electric bikes, our team has been reinventing the wheel for over 100 years building a legacy of high quality, timeless and innovative products. How did we go from The Original Little Red Wagon® to our beautifully crafted electric bikes for adults? By creating our eBikes with the same beautiful design and quality that has inspired our work since 1917. Our Flyer™ electric bikes are carefully crafted and intentionally designed based on thorough research, extensive testing, and application of our award-winning team’s expertise in product design & development. Read on to learn more behind the scenes information about what went into the design of our new electric bikes.

Intentional Integration

Reimagine on-the-go with the Flyer™ electric bikes, intentionally designed with families in mind to deliver high quality performance and fun. Powered by our state-of-the-art Flight Speed™ Lithium-Ion battery, our electric bikes allow riders to go faster and travel farther all while ensuring safety and efficiency.

The seamless design of our electric bikes revolved around the integration of two key components: the battery and the rear rack.

Through our team’s research, we concluded there were few competitive options available with an integrated battery at our target price point. This became an integral part of the Flyer™ design. Not only does the integrated battery create a seamless look that makes the eBike feel more like a normal bike, but it also yields functional and performance benefits. Additionally, since the battery doesn’t stick out past the frame, riders have knee clearance for a smooth and natural pedaling motion. This also helps maintain proper weight distribution and balance while riding.

Our cargo rack is also carefully integrated into the overall aesthetic and lines of the bike frame on both the M880 and L885. The thick bars are also used to strengthen the frame and make it more rigid. Most other bolt-on cargo racks become loose over time or use thin bars that are not durable. When designing the frame, we took the simplest approach to achieve the silhouette with the fewest lines. We made a conscious effort to make sure our lines were parallel to each other so that the whole design would flow in the same direction. This careful and intentional designing gave our electric bikes an iconic silhouette.

Comfort & Convenience

Our team understands that an important part of loving your new set of wheels is making it yours. That’s why we designed a wide range of accessories: so every rider can customize their electric bike to fit their unique needs. During the initial research process, our product development team knew we needed to design our eBikes to provide top-of-the-line storage solutions for riders. Our team dialed in on the key questions of how and what people carry on their bikes. This influenced final accessory details like the addition of zipper pockets for small items like keys, wallets, and phones as well we the placement of one-size-fits-all cup holders for water bottles and coffee thermoses. These convenient touches make a big difference in the day-to-day comfort of riders.

Flyer™ electric bikes were also designed intentionally with thick tires to allow for natural suspension. This helps riders get over bumps and potholes effortlessly, minimizing jerky movements and maximizing comfort while handling everyday terrain. These thick tires also provide a seamless fit with the frame and allow riders to carry heavy hauls thanks to their durability.

Thoughtful ergonomic touch points across our bike & accessory designs ensure comfort for passengers and bike riders. The seat angles on the Kid & Cargo Carrier were designed so the safety ring could double as a back rest for kids. The safety ring also gives enough space so kids of varied ages feel both secure and not cramped while riding. Custom ergonomic hand grips for both parents and children provide additional comfort when riding.

Designed With Families In Mind

The electric bike industry is booming as more and more adults are using these two-wheeled wonders as micromobility solutions in cities and suburbs. Our Flyer™ electric bikes are no exception – the Flyer™ M880 and Flyer™ L885 are both carefully crafted to help adults get from A to B with ease. We have designed world class products for kids & cargo for over a century, and this expertise was instrumental in designing the best cargo electric bike on the market, the Flyer L885.

A crucial part of our innovative eBike design process included creating an accessory that provides an easy, safe, and comfortable way for parents to travel with their little ones as well as deliver versatility in its use. The result? Our one-of-a-kind Kid & Cargo Carrier. This 2-in-1 accessory can be used with the L885 as a seat for two young riders in Kid Mode or as a hauling solution for backpacks, diaper bags, and groceries in Cargo Mode. Easy connection methods were implemented to reduce time spent transitioning between modes. The running boards on the L885 eBike were intentionally placed for the optimal combination of functionality & comfort for kid riders and overall bike aesthetic.

Additionally, the Kid & Cargo Carrier features DuraClean® 2.0 – our highest quality fabric. When in Kid Mode, the fabric flaps double as a protection layer for children’s legs from any bike components like the spokes or derailleur.

Our high-quality DuraClean® 2.0 fabric is used throughout our line of accessories. This was an intentional decision as it allowed our design team to ensure that each of our storage baskets is a fully enclosed cavity. Riders need not worry about losing small items like keys or a wallet on a ride around town!

Our team spent a lot of time ideating and adjusting dimensions to efficiently use the space on the L885 rear rack for both kids and cargo items. For example, making sure we could fit both a Thule® Yepp Maxi Seat and a storage bin in the same area was pivotal part of finalizing the rear rack dimensions.

An integral part of the L885 design is the 26” front wheel and 20” back wheel. The smaller back wheel design was an intentional decision to create a lower center gravity which benefits both parent riders and kid passengers. The ergonomic design allows easier (and safer) in and out for young passengers while also making riding easier for parents when they are towing a lot of mass between kids and added cargo.

CMF & Overall Bike Aesthetic


By focusing on both detailing like the color, material, and finish (CMF) and the essence of the overall aesthetic, our product development & design teams created an electric bike that is both high performing and beautiful.

Color breaks were a key area of intentionality in our design process. We chose darker, gunmetal paint for the back of the bike to create a more cohesive, seamless look even with integral components visible, like the gears and derailleur, which could otherwise be distracting when taking in the bike. As for the front of the bike, we wanted unique colors to stand out when riding while also achieving a level of neutrality and sophistication. Our color selection – black, white, blue, and red – is refined yet playful. The variety in the selection ensures there is a color that appeals to everyone.

Our bikes have more matte, metallic finishes to give the product a high-end look. Based on benchmarking trends in other industry like automotive and high-end electronics, we were methodical on how to treat the surface of the eBike, careful to achieve a look like an anodized metal. This finish gives a nice, smooth satin feel when handling. Our logo even uses reflective ink for enhanced safety when riding.

We matched our accessories to the gunmetal colors used on the back of the bike with a heather grey fabric to create a cohesive product look even when you start customizing your ride with our accessory selection. Our high-end fabric is 600 denier, making it extremely durable and stable with a reduced likelihood of tears. The heather grey color follows the trend in outdoor industry that pushes for a higher end technical look and feel. The red Flyer tags on our accessories provide with a pop of color that that is both eye-catching and cohesive across our line.


Beautifully crafted and intentionally designed: for every kid at heart, Flyer™ is your favorite set of wheels reimagined. We can’t wait to see where your new electric bike takes you. Ready to fly? Learn more about our eBikes and preorder yours today.

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