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Using Your eBike in Autumn: Make Fall Rides Even Better

Using Your eBike in Autumn: Make Fall Rides Even Better

Ali Randazzo |

This summer, we created warm memories through family bike rides to the park, hauling beach gear with ease, and soaking up sunshine by trading our car keys for bike locks.

But as kids go back to school, the weather cools off, and fall-inspired drinks are tucked in our cupholders, we can confidently say that we’re ready to fly into fall.

With the season change usually comes a change in family routines: maybe your little ones are back to school or you’re finding new ways to get outside with the cooler weather.

Here at Radio Flyer we believe that biking season doesn’t have to end with the summer. To get your family out and moving this fall, here are 5 ways to use your eBike in autumn.

1. Fly to School

Fly into the school year with the Official eBike of Back to School™. Riding an eBike to school not only saves time in the morning but saves at the gas station, too.

The Front Storage Basket is great for holding backpacks and lunchboxes, while the Kid & Cargo™ Carrier - 2 Kids is perfect for elementary schoolers who want to spread smiles on the way to school.  

If your family has been biking through the summer, continuing your existing habit of biking is one way to smoothly transition from summer to fall. For more tips on how to ease back to school-related anxiety, check out our blog from Expert Play Panelist and Clinical Psychologist.


2. Take the Scenic Route Home

What better way to admire the changing landscapes than a bike ride through nature? Whether you dedicate a whole bike ride to spotting fall scenes (who can find the most colorful leaf?) or simply practice mindfulness on the ride home, using your eBike is like having a 360-degree sunroof.

On the way to or from an outdoor adventure, consider printing this fall scavenger hunt ahead of the trip. Then, you can pull over, lock the bike, and take a stroll at your favorite park with the scavenger hunt in hand.

3. Autumn Adventures

From apple orchards to pumpkin patches, there are plenty of outdoor autumn family adventures to explore this year. The Large Rear Storage Basket is great for hauling a small pumpkins or bags of fresh apples (keeping in mind Radio Flyer’s recommended weight capacities for eBikes).

Bonus: extend the fun with your collected treats by making a recipe card! This free printable is great for creating and sharing your favorite dishes (we can already smell the pumpkin pie and apple crumbles!)


4. Fall Sports

Fall sports season is upon us and we’re ready to play! Gear up for game time by flying to sports practice or game days with your eBike. Easily transport bulky equipment on the Front Rack, which is great for tennis rackets, soccer bags, and any other large items.

Warm up for the big game by biking to your destination. Don’t forget to celebrate your team’s win by using the throttle to cruise home.  


5. Commute Confidently

On nights when it gets dark early and the weather cools off, it can be hard to find time to get outdoors for fresh air and movement. Swap car keys for your eBike to get movement and fresh air through your daily commute.

Plus, helpful accessories like waterproof storage bags will keep your briefcases and bags secure and dry from the moment you leave home to the moment you lock your eBike at your office. 



What other ways are you using your eBike this fall? Share with us by tagging @radioflyerinc on social media.

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