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4 Reasons Why an eBike is a Great Christmas Gift

4 Reasons Why an eBike is a Great Christmas Gift

Ali Randazzo |

This holiday season, give the gift of a Flyer™ eBike. Our cargo electric bikes are a sustainable way to turn every ride into an adventure while providing ultimate kid & cargo hauling. Whether you opt for the Flyer™ M880, a perfect everyday eBike for first time electric bike owners, or the Flyer™ L885, the best eBike for families, it’s a gift that will have the whole family feeling merry! Read on to learn more about 4 reasons why an eBike is a great Christmas gift.


  1. It’s A Gift the Whole Family Will Love

Go electric for with the whole family! Help the family in your life trade-in car keys for a bike helmet for this new sustainable and convenient way to get out and explore the world. The Flyer™ L885 electric cargo bike can fit up to two children with the versatile Kid & Cargo Carrier or Thule Yepp Maxi Seat for little ones. With a payload capacity of 400 lbs., it is our ultimate kid & cargo hauler. Safety features like a high-intensity LED headlight, integrated taillight with brake light, and reflectors increase visibility while on the go to keep families safe and secure.

mom with kids on electric bikemom with kids on electric bike
  1. eBikes Make Short Trips Faster, Easier, and More Fun!

Do you know any parents that dread the school pick-up line? How about one that gets exhausted by all the time and energy that goes into packing up the family for a short car trip to the store or the park? Give that parent the gift of modern mobility.


With an eBike, daily tasks like running errands, going to the park, and taking kids to and from school have never been easier, faster, or this much fun. Skip the car lines. Dodge the traffic with bike lanes. Turn an everyday outing into an adventure for kids. With 5 levels of pedal assist, custom accessories, a range of 50+ miles per charge, and safety features for riders and passengers, Flyer eBikes deliver a fun and convenient ride for parents and kids alike.

man riding electric bikeman riding electric bike
  1. Make a Sustainable Purchase 

This holiday season, make a purchase you can stand behind. Electrically powered Flyer™ eBikes are a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to a gas-powered car for short trips. Compared to traditional transportation modes like gas-powered cars or trains, they are more energy-efficient and can help to reduce congestion in urban areas.

empty electric bike in park empty electric bike in park
  1. Customize Your Ride

There is no better gift than one you can customize specifically to the recipient’s needs. We offer a wide range of accessories that you can add on through our eBike build experience with both the Flyer™ M880 and the Flyer™ L885. Give the gift of more miles with the Flight Speed™ Extended Range Battery, compatible with the Flyer™ L885. Or, for the family with little ones, add the Kid and Cargo Carrier to carry up to two children and seamlessly convert between kid and cargo riding modes. Explore our storage accessories in varying sizes for the friend who has trouble sticking to their list at stores or hauls cargo wherever they go.


An electric bike is the perfect gift to every kid at heart. Our Flyer™ rides are sustainable, convenient, and, yes, so much fun. Shop Flyer™ eBikes – in stock and shipping now!

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