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5 Ways to Use Your Electric Bike This Summer

5 Ways to Use Your Electric Bike This Summer

Ali Randazzo |

The sun is shining and it’s finally biking season! We can’t wait to plan this season’s adventures. Electric bikes can often replace a car for short trips and errands. If you’re debating if an eBike is right for you, keep reading to learn more ways that a Flyer™ eBike can help shorten routines, make parenting easier, and even save money at the gas station.

1. Park Playdates

When the park is a mile or two away from home, quickly hop on your electric bike for playground adventures. The Kid & Cargo™ Carrier helps parents avoid the hassle of loading bags and car seats into the car, which can sometimes feel like it takes just as long as the park playdate itself. This custom Flyer™ accessory holds up to two kids or 130 pounds of cargo.

2. Curb the Carpool Lane

Fly past the carpool lane in your Flyer™ eBike. Custom accessories allow you to build your bike to fit backpacks, lunch boxes, and your most precious cargo: your little one. With a 30-50 mile range per charge, coast through carpool without charging the battery and without the price tag of filling up at the tank.

3. Waterside Weekends

Heading to the beach or pool? Load your towels, beach bags, and coolers to the Flyer™ eBike. With a carrying capacity of up to 400 pounds on the Flyer™ L885, you can easily coast to the coast with all your gear and avoid the hassle of hot cars and sandy backseats.

4. Sporty Saturdays

On those busy summer weekends, quickly hop on your electric bike to make it to your child’s big game just in time for kickoff. With a max speed of 20MPH, Flyer™ eBikes not only help you get to your destination quickly but they’re the perfect post-game win celebratory joyride.

5. Portable Picnic

Spend summer evenings at the park or your favorite picnic spot. Easily load up your storage accessories with a few snacks, drinks, or even a small cooler. Don’t forget the picnic blanket!


Electric bikes can help turn every errand, short trip, or chore into an adventure this summer. Ready to fly? Learn more about Flyer™ eBikes.

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