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Back to School Checklist

Back to School Checklist

Ali Randazzo |

Fly from summer to school adventures with the Official eBike of Back to School™. Biking to school is not only fun, but it saves time in the mornings and money at the gas tank. Plus, riding a Flyer eBike to school gets the whole family involved in greener habits.


From nervous Kindergarteners to seasoned 5th graders, we have 5 tips to make the transition from summer to school smooth (and a blast!)

  1. Practice Your School Morning Routine

Talking about school and practicing your family’s morning routine will help familiarize little ones with what to expect this fall and build excitement to go back to school.


In the weeks leading up to your school’s start date, gradually set wake up times close to the school day alarm clock. Practice setting out clothes, making lunches, and most importantly biking to school. Use opportunities like Meet the Teacher Night to map your route and get kids familiar with riding in the Kid & Cargo™ Carrier.


The Kid & Cargo Carrier is a hauling solution designed for on-the-go families. The basket easily switches between kid mode and cargo mode for thoughtful seating and carrying. In cargo mode, load the eBike with backpacks, lunchboxes, or groceries. When the school bell rings and it’s time for school pick up, unzip the fabric sides to ride with up to two additional passengers. Rear footboards and padded seats ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Learn more about the Kid & Cargo™ Carrier.


Featured 5 Star Review: “I got this bike about 2 weeks ago and I have to say that I’ve never enjoyed riding a bike as much as I do now. I love that I can carry my kids in the back. It was so much easier than I thought it would be! I love this bike and will be using it for years to come. I currently use it to drop off and pick up my daughter off at school since it’s only a few blocks away,” Quynh, New Jersey.


  1. Shop for your Back to School Supplies List

Shopping for new notebooks and backpacks is arguably one of the most fun parts of back to school season! The fun doesn’t have to stop for parents, add a Flyer™ eBike to your back to school supplies list.


Save time and take back your mornings by biking to school. When you fly through traffic and skip the carpool lane with your Flyer™ eBike, you’ll have more time for your commute or errands (plus, get fresh air and movement before the day begins!)


Featured 5 Star Review:We purchased this bike to primarily do school drop off and pick up as free my 3 and 5 year olds outgrew our Thule trailer. The bike is easy for the kids to climb up on themselves and they absolutely love going for rides. We also took the bike on vacation to the beach,” Danw, Chicago, IL.


  1. Get a Tune Up for Your eBike

Before the whirlwind of back to school, fall sports, and after school activities start, take your eBike or family bikes into a local shop for a tune up.


Charge your Flight Speed™ Lithium Ion battery the night before school starts so you’re ready to fly the next morning.


Before loading your Official eBike of Back to School™ with backpacks and lunchboxes, monitor tire pressure and check accessories.  Flyer™ eBike tires are puncture resistant, meaning they can take city streets, suburban side roads, and school blacktops like a pro. And just like you would zip your backpack and close containers in a lunch box, be sure accessories are zipped, buckled, and ready to take flight.


Featured 5 Star Review: “My husband has had an electric bike for a bit and I had been wanting to get one to take my kids around on. We’ve been having a blast taking it everywhere! It’s great for driving them to school and just for family bike rides by the beach,” Msato, Kailua, Hawaii.


  1. Review Bike Safety Checklist with Your Kids

Flyer™ eBikes are designed with safety in mind, so you want to make sure your route is, too. It’s always a good idea to review local guidelines before taking flight.


Check out our blog for electric bike safety tips to learn the proper bike riding gear, how to prepare your eBike for commutes, and other tips to respect the rules of the road.


Featured 5 Star Review: “Very Fun! Very Useful! I am a stay at home dad for my 4 and 5 yr. old boys that I use the L885 with Kid/Cargo carrier to commute them around to their activities and school. The boys enjoy it very much and feel secure in it,” Stay-at-home-dad, Dugger, IN.


  1. Add Adventures into Your Fall Routine

Flyer™ Electric Bikes take the stress out of Back to School season by infusing joy into your morning routine. Trade hot cars and tangled seat belts for the wind on your face and smiles all around. Morning drop offs and after school pickups are a great time to create warm memories with your family.   


Although long summer days are perfect opportunities for impromptu adventures, the fun doesn’t have to stop when school starts. Biking to fall sports and running errands on the Flyer™ eBike are great ways to continue spreading smiles that outlast summer.


Featured 5 Star Review: “I recently bought this bike and I love it! If you have kids it’s a must have. I wanted a bike that could fit both my kids one (9 months) & the other one (6 years) both on the bike close to me, not in a bike trailer. When I came across this bike it was a must have! It is very easy to balance, easy to work & both my kids love it so much! I’m looking forward to some warmer days so we can ride this awesome bike everyday! My daughters school is a couple miles away and I plan to pick her up daily in it. With gas prices going up it will save me money in the long run. There is so any pros about this bike. If your on the fence about it, get it you won’t regret it!” Missy, Monroe, MI.


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