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eBikes 101: What is an Electric Bike?

eBikes 101: What is an Electric Bike?

Matt Young |

Powerful, fast, easy to use, and so much fun – it’s no wonder electric bikes are the hottest two-wheel trend to hit the streets. Urban riders and on-the-go families around the US are trading in their car keys for bike helmets as eBikes are proving to be the ultimate micro-mobility solution. New to electric bikes? Read on to learn more about electric bikes and how they differ from conventional bicycles.

What is an electric bike?

Also known as an eBike or e-bike, an electric bike is a bicycle integrated with electrical components like a motor, battery, and controller to assist with propulsion. The electric motor provides an additional boost with each pedal that allows you to go faster, travel farther, and pedal with more ease compared to a conventional bicycle.

We currently offer two fat tire electric bike models: the Flyer™ M880, our mid-tail cargo eBike, and the Flyer™ L885, our longtail cargo eBike. Learn more about which model is right for you.


How do electric bikes work?

Electric bikes augment natural human pedaling power thanks to their additional electrical components (the motor, the battery, and the sensor). Once a rider begins pedaling, based on the level of pedal assist they are set to, the bike will produce a subsequent level of output that helps propel the rider forward.


How is an electric bike different from a conventional bike?


Design & Mechanics

Electric bikes actually look and function similarly to conventional bicycles. The primary difference is the electrical drive system that enhances human-generated pedaling power with electrical assistance. Think of it as an extra boost as you ride. Other components like the wheels, handlebars, frame along with traditional mechanics like brakes and pedals are the same style and function as a conventional bike.



The electrical components of the eBike enhance propulsion by augmenting human pedaling power, allowing you to go faster on an electric bike than a traditional bike when pedaling at the same rate. To answer how fast electric bikes can go, our eBikes can travel up to a high speed of 20 MPH in throttle-only mode With this boost, Flyer™ eBikes enhance the joy, freedom, and fun of conventional bike riding.


Riding Modes

With a regular bike, there is only one way to ride: pedal-only. With a Flyer™ electric bike, there are 3 riding modes: pedal-only, pedal-assist, and throttle-only. In pedal-only mode, like the name implies, just pedal and go. Ride just like a conventional bicycle with no electric power.

With pedal-assist, augment your natural pedaling by choosing from 5 different levels to determine the power output from the bike motor as you ride. Engage in pedal-assist mode by using the LCD display located on the left handlebar. Flyer™ eBikes have 5 levels of pedal assist, and you can move between levels easily by using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons beneath the display.

For throttle only mode, simply twist the half throttle located on the right handlebar. You can travel up to 20 MPH in throttle-only mode on battery-powered Flyer™ eBikes.

Learn more about the 3 riding modes and how to ride an electric bike.



Riding Experience

Electric bikes don’t change the act of cycling – they make it feel easier while moving you faster, even with the same amount of effort or added cargo weight. From your first pedal, you'll feel like you're flying. It's like having the wind at your back on demand. Plus, you can say goodbye to the days of arriving at your destination sweaty and exhausted from the exertion of traveling on your conventional bicycle. Less physical effort and faster travel means you can ride with ease, especially when traveling long distances and up steep hills.

For all ages and experience levels, Flyer™ eBikes turn every outing into an adventure. Hauling groceries from the farmers market? Commuting to work? Cruising to the beach for a picnic? Enjoying a family outing in the city? Taking a joy ride? Our electric bicycles are equipped to get your crew and cargo where you need to go while infusing fun and function into micromobility.

Learn more about the benefits of using an eBike and other ways to use your electric bike. Also explore our wide variety of convenient eBike accessories, including hauling, storage, and safety accessories.


Ready to fly? Learn more about Flyer™ eBikes and pre-order yours today.


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