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Buy, Ride, Return, Recycle: Radio Flyer’s eBike Battery Recycling Program Explained

Buy, Ride, Return, Recycle: Radio Flyer’s eBike Battery Recycling Program Explained

Matt Young |

Flyer™ eBikes help lead us to a greener, happier future. That’s why Radio Flyer is a proud member of the first industry-wide eBike battery recycling program. When your battery reaches its end of life, simply find a collection site online to take your battery to be safely recycled. Buy, ride, return, recycle.

You can ride confidently knowing that your bike and precious cargo (your family, of course!) can use the bike for years of smiles and miles. All Flyer™ batteries are certified to UL2271 and our chargers are certified to UL1310, which ensures the packs are charged safely and reliably. This prolongs the battery’s usable life. Learn more about safety testing and quality standards.

But like all batteries, they will eventually reach the end of their life. The first sign that a battery is nearing its end of life is a loss of capacity or range (your electric bike may be traveling shorter distances on a full charge. If a significant loss of range is observed or if your battery no longer accepts a charge, it should be recycled.

Call2Recycle is the largest, most reliable battery recycling program. It is also endorsed by PeopleForBikes, a national bicycling advocacy organization and the bicycle industry’s trade organization.


Sustainable Impact

If you’re interested in limiting your environmental footprint, an eBike is a greener solution compared to gas-powered cars in your day-to-day life, and also has a lasting impact beyond your use of the bike.

When you do your part to recycle the battery safely, the valuable metals can be recovered and used in new products like silverware, steel, and new batteries.


How the Program Works

Call2Reycle explains the process in 4 easy steps: buy, ride, return, recycle. Keep reading to learn how it works:

  1. Buy: There’s many determinants that go into choosing the perfect eBike for you and your family. Flyer™ eBikes are designed with safety in mind. For example, Flyer™ bikes are tested to and meet UL 2271 and UL 2849 test standards. Not only do they meet the highest safety standards, but at the end of their life, they continue to make a green impact.


Radio Flyer joined 40 bike industry leaders to voluntarily support this first of its kind initiative to ensure batteries are safety and responsible managed.


  1. Ride: Enjoy miles and smiles on your Flyer™ eBike. One day the battery will reach the end of its life. This program helps keep the environment, people, and property safe. Do not put it in a trash or recycling bin.


  1. Return: When ready, find a collection site near you (find a site near you, or contact us) to take your battery. Retailers will inspect the battery and call for collection. Call2Recycle trains retailers with safety materials and recycling kits.



  1. Recycle: Carriers transport the battery to a recycler. Once at the site, recyclers will weight and report the total weight of batteries recycled to Call2Recycle. Materials recovered are used in the manufacturing of new products, often recycled into steel, stainless steel and new batteries. View this infographic by Call2Reycle to learn more.


Are you a Flyer™ eBike owner? When your eBike battery reaches the end of its life, bring it to a store near you for responsible recycling. Scan the QR code or click here to find a battery recycling location near you.


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