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Step Through vs Step Over eBike: Which is Right for You?

Step Through vs Step Over eBike: Which is Right for You?

Matt Young |


Electric bikes (eBikes) have become increasingly popular among commuters, fitness enthusiasts, casual riders, and outdoor adventurers alike. With their gain in popularity, different styles of electric bikes are introduced to the market like step-through (also spelled step-thru) and step-over eBikes. Both styles have unique features and benefits but with so many options, choosing the right one can seem challenging. In this article, we will compare step-through and step-over electric bikes, highlighting their unique differences and benefits!




What Are Step Over eBikes?

A step over bike is what you may traditionally picture when you think of a bicycle. There is a high bar in the middle where riders swing their leg up and over to mount on the bike. 

How do Step Over eBikes Work?

Step over eBikes function the same as other eBikes. The difference is in the frame design instead of the bike mechanics. The Flyer™ Cruiser can travel 40+ miles per charge and has 5 levels of pedal assist. Pedal assist combines battery boost plus your pedaling. Lastly, a thumb throttle allows you to move without pedaling (the ultimate joyride!) 


What are the Benefits of Step Over eBikes?

Every rider may have a different reason for choosing an eBike. The first is added mobility. Many riders may use their eBike over a car for local errands, school drop off, and commuting. They can skip the traffic and the hassle of loading little ones in the car seats! Another benefit is the sustainable impact of electric bikes. Flyer™ eBikes are a great alternative compared to gas powered cars. The last benefit is movement and fresh air! Electric bikes combine all the perks of biking plus a boost from the battery so you can go further, faster.  


What are Step Through eBikes?

A step through bike, also known as a low-step bike, is a low frame design. Users can easily stand next to the bike and step through the frame to position themselves on the saddle, hence the name!


These bikes are often more accessible compared to traditional, or step over bikes, because the rider doesn’t need to rely on balance to get on and off. The rider position is upright which makes for a comfortable ride. These are popular for commuters, leisure riders, and those with limited mobility. 


Step through eBikes are a great solution for riders who want the convenience and ease of a step through bike plus the battery boost. They are great for leisure riders, commuters, and those who are looking for a comfortable cruise to minimize effort and still get the benefits of cycling.

How Do Step Through eBikes Work?

Step through eBikes work just like step over eBikes. The main difference riders will notice is when prepare to ride the bike. Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru bikes feature a toolless adjustable saddle, making it easy adjust the saddle height. A good rule of thumb is to position the saddle near your hip while standing next to the bike.


Next, adjust the handlebars. Riders should be able to reach the handlebars with a slight bend in your elbow when sitting on the saddle. Handlebars should be positioned slightly higher than your saddle, so you are in an upright position. 


The last step is to step through! When you’re ready to ride, step over the frame and slide back on to the bike seat. Once your eBike is charged and powered on, get ready to roll (don't forget your helmet!)


What are the Benefits of a Step Through eBike?

Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru eBikes have a low frame design for easy on and off. The first benefit of this style is a stable solution if you have a child in tow. Once the rider reaches their designation, they can easy stand up in the bike frame while the child dismounts. This stance eliminates the need to swing the leg over the bike in order to get that added stability. 


Second, the low frame and wide handlebars provide an upright riding position. This frame is more accessible to a wide range of riders. Lastly, the vegan leather saddle provides cushioning and support while absorbing bumps for a smooth ride. 


Step-Through vs. Step-Over: Which is Better for You?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on your personal preferences and intended use for an electric bike. Below are some factors to consider when making your decision:


  1. Comfort: If you have limited mobility or flexibility, a step-through bike may be more comfortable for you. The low top tube allows you to easily swing your leg over the eBike and sit upright, reducing strain on your back and neck.
  2. Ease of Use: If you plan on using your bike for commuting or running errands, a step-through bike may be more practical. You can easily hop on and off the bike when navigating busy city streets or stopping at traffic lights.
  3. Performance: If you're looking for speed and efficiency, a step-over bike may be a better option. The traditional frame design provides a more aerodynamic riding position, which can help you go faster with less effort.
  4. Style: Finally, it's worth considering your personal style preferences. Step-through bikes are often associated with vintage or retro designs, while step-over bikes are seen as more traditional or sporty.

Ultimately, the decision between a step-through and step-over eBike comes down to your individual needs and preferences. Flyer™ offers electric bikes in both styles in multiple colorways, so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


FAQs: Step Through and Step Over Electric Bikes

Q1: Are step-through eBike frames strong?

A1: Yes, Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru bikes have a payload capacity of 285 lbs. The integrated rear rack can haul up to 80 lbs. of cargo with compatible accessories ranging from a Storage Basket to our custom Kid & Cargo™ Carrier. Plus, the Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru is built with aluminum for a lightweight yet durable frame. 


Q2: Are step over and step through eBikes good for commuting?

A2: Electric bikes are a great alternative to gas powered cars for commuters. Not only is it a greener and more sustainable alternative, but you can often fly by standstill traffic (and the gas station!) to save time and money in your mornings. 


Q3: Are step over and step through eBikes good for any age?

A3: Electric bikes are a great mobility option for all ages. The boost from the battery gives riders all the benefits of a bike with less physical output.





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